Work Sign

I'm going back to my old sign writing roots at the moment doing a sign for Work editorial. I did the last one when they opened 11 years ago and it's still hanging but starting to look a little bit tired. So i've done a new one for them.



It's been a busy few months for Superbat! He seems to be going down well which is nice. I've done a few events. In the summer I was miked up in the middle of Westfield which was a bit of an experience I can tell you. I'm not usually one for shopping centres and Westfield is like a shopping centre that's eaten another couple of shopping centres. Anyway i digress. on Saturday i was at Rye Books in Peckham for an event and it was great.

Viva Lewes August 2017

Design / illustration for this months Viva Lewes Magazine. Also here are some of the other designs i did. The theme is wheels.

Superbat Flies!

Superbat is well and truly out there now and it's been a busy time doing events at shops and schools. Getting the hang of it now and my friend has also made me a Superbat hoodie which makes me look ridiculous but seems to work well! I've even managed to get Superbat into the window at Waterstones Piccadilly.

IWM Aircraft Tie

When IWM asked me to design a plain tie, I thought, this is my lucky day. I immediately sent back a photo of a plain tie and put my feet up. Then they explained that they wanted a plane tie, with aircraft on it, so I took my feet down and designed this...its a bit like an airfix kit featuring aeroplanes housed at IWM Duxford. A perfect gift for plane spotters with a wedding to go to.

Zombies, Run! Book

Design for Zombie book for Penguin, based on the running app, where people pretend to be running away from Zombies.

Biographic Books

I've come up with the idea for a range of books, based on quite a poor pun BIOGRAPHIC books are famous people's biographies in infographics. Get it!? Anyway, the first two are out now! More coming (Warhol, Kahlo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jane Austen, Shakespeare) in February. Then loads after that!

Work News

Been a busy few months working on various random bits and bobs... Stuff for IWM and Royal Museums Greenwich as well as designing a book on Zombies for Penguin and currently painting a book cover about Pigs for them too... Got my old school sign writing head on. Also just finished 4 books on artists, the first of my BIOGRAPHIC range - MONET and VAN GOGH out in October i think and finished my kids book for Scholastic. Which is out in March 2017 - Phew! Nothing I can show you yet so i could be lying. Watch this blank space!