Oxfordshire Book Awards

Had a lovely day at the Oxfordshire Book Awards where SUPERBAT was highly commended in the picture book category. They even made a SUPERBAT cake!


In 2007 I designed the Milkshake! logo for Channel 5. (They only changed it this year.) So it was great when they said they were going to read SUPERBAT across their Social Media channels on Halloween. You can still watch it here!

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 13.08.31.png

Life & Cheltenham & Henley festivals

It’s been a while but i’ve been very busy plus having an extension done on our tiny house (13ft wide!) to make it slightly less tiny (same width bit longer) so i’ve been living and working in building site with no water ! just me and the cats. the rest of the family have sensibly moved out. I think the cats want to move out as well but i’m paying them to stay. It’s about 3 quarters finished and everyone has disappeared, which is great. Anyway as a way off getting out of whats left of my house i went to do festivals at Cheltenham (where i’m the kids festival illustrator this year) and then Henley. I had a blast! I decided to turn up the bonkers and introduce a sing a long theme tune and various wigs to my event thing. I also came on to a hollywood style trailer theme and ran about and did roly polys on the stage. I think i over did it, anyway I think it went ok - i think they thought i was an idiot. i had over 500 kids in on the friday schools event and the family event was sold out to. I may need to see a chiropractor as i landed heavily on my radio mic during one of my action stunt rolls! After Cheltenham i had to rush in the pouring rain to Henley for their festival. i got there only to discover i’d been sitting in a falafel which had fallen out of my sandwich! That’s show biz.